About Us

Our Purpose

Colporteur Trade Academy exists to enable qualified Seventh-day Adventists to learn and master the trade of colporteuring. Our flexible course will work with anyone’s schedule and enable you, as a graduate, to earn an income while serving God. Colporteuring has played a vital role in the expansion of the gospel throughout history and our aim is to bring this technical and challenging trade back within reach of the modern Seventh-day Adventist in today’s environment. Learn a trade. Earn a living. Serve God.

About Us

Colporteur Trade Academy (CTA) is a cutting edge online and in-field vocational school that is administered by seasoned literature evangelists who have had years of experience in both colporteuring and leadership in canvassing.  CTA’s in field training is conducted by CLEs (Conference Literature Evangelists) who have visited tens of thousands of homes and have prior experience as colporteur trainers. The current director is Nelson Ernst (director@www.colporteurtradeacademy.com). Our secretary is Desirée Albertsen (help@www.colporteurtradeacademy.com). And our field administrator is Oleg Lotca (admin@www.colporteurtradeacademy.com).

Our Mission

CTA’s mission is to bring the technical and challenging trade of colporteuring back within reach of men and women who want to earn a living and serve God in today’s world. We aim to provide the best preparation and training in the industry with professional online training and top notch in field trainers.



We strive to take God's counsel seriously
in planning and executing His work.


We constantly are looking for ways to reach the
unreached with new methods based on inspired counsel.


In all we do, we want to keep it simple
so as many people as possible can participate.


We believe that God's people must move
rapidly in His work to make advances for His Kingdom.

Meet our Colporteur Experts

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